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From Our Fisherman’s Net

Meen Varuthathu £9.95
kingfish marinated with our specially made paste made of red chilli, turmeric & lemon juice, pan fried
Kerala Fish Kootan £7.95
kingfish & green mango cooked in sautéed fenugreek, onion, house sauce & curry leaves, finished with coconut milk
Alleppy Meen Kootan  £7.95
kingfish sautéed with green chilli, tomato, curry leaves, ginger, & onion cooked in house sauce, finished with a unique paste of Indian spice, tempered with shallots
Fish Molly £7.95
kingfish marinated in turmeric sauce, cooked in thick coconut milk with curry leaves, onion, ginger, fresh lemon juice & cubed tomato
Cochin Prawn Kootan £7.95
spiced king prawn cooked with coconut, turmeric powder, tomato & green chilli, tempered with aromatic spices
Konchu Masala £7.95
king prawns cooked in a thick & cumin flavoured masala with onion, tomato, ginger & curry leaves
Chemmeen Cheera Kootu £7.95
finely chopped spinach combined with whole king prawns, cooked in a thick paste of garlic, ginger, turmeric

From Our Backyard Poultry

Nadan Kozhi Kootan £6.95
cubed boneless chicken marinated in a paste of red shallots, ginger, garlic, & chilli, finished with coconut milk & curry leaves
Kozhi Uluva Kootu £6.95
pieces of chicken breast cooked with sautéed fenugreek leaves, cashew nut paste cardamom, garlic & ginger, finished with coriander & curry leaves
Cheera Kozhi £6.95
cubed chicken simmered with spinach, onion, ginger & tomato
Calicut Kozhi £5.95
a mild to medium chicken prepared in a garlic & tomato base seasoned with curry & chopped garlic
Nadan Butter Kozhi £6.95
diced chicken prepared in specially made house spices, finished with tomato & butter
Green Kozhi Kootan £6.95
boneless chicken breast cubes cooked in a green base sauce with tomatoes, onions & spices
Kozhi Ulathiyathu £7.95
chicken marinated with our delicious spices of pepper, chopped coconut slices, coriander & chilli, & cooked in a way never seen before…

Lamb Dishes

Erachi Uluva Kootu £6.95
pieces of lamb cooked with sautéed fenugreek leaves, cashew nut paste, cardamom, garlic, ginger, finished with coriander & curry leaves
Green Erachi Kootan £6.95
cubes of lamb cooked in a green base sauce with tomatoes, onions & spices
Erachi Cheera Kootan £6.95
a fine combination of spinach & boneless tendered lamb, cooked in a thick paste of tomato, cinnamon, garlic, onion, & aromatic spices
Erachi Mappas £6.95
lamb cooked with black pepper & fresh coconut milk, flavoured with turmeric powder
Erachi Malabar £6.95
one of the famous dishes in Malabar area of Kerala, tender pieces of lamb cooked in a coriander & coconut base sauce with tomatoes & onions
Erachi Ulathiyathu £7.95
lamb marinated with our delicious spices of pepper, chopped coconut slices, coriander & chilli, & cooked in a way never seen before…

From Kerala’s Vegetable Backyard (side dishes)

Cheera Parippu   £4.95
yellow mung beans & masoor daal cooked with spinach, garlic & cumin flavoured thick sauce with green pepper, tempered with black mustard seeds, Indian shallots & curry leaves
Sambar  £3.95
a mild to medium mix veg curry prepared with lentils, tamarind & ground coriander seeds
Green Banana    £3.95
sliced & boiled green banana, sautéed with mustard seed, curry leaves & grated coconut
Kathrika Thiyal    £3.95
cubed fresh aubergine cooked in tomato, onion & coconut milk, & homemade spices
Vendaka Ullipoo  £3.95
spring onion & okra with a paste of deep fried onion blended with blanched tomatoes & simmered with a powder of roasted coriander
Nadan Potato    £3.95
stir fried potatoes cooked with peppers, tomato & cinnamon, finished with coriander leaves
Beans Thoran  £3.95
chopped green beans stir fried with onion, coconut, cumin seeds & garlic, tempered with black mustards seeds, finished with a hint of turmeric powder
Thadka Dal  £3.95
MoongDal & red lentils cooked with thick sauce of garlic & turmeric flavoured with curry leaves, tempered with shallots & mustard seeds
Mushroom Kootu  £4.95
mushroom stir fried with onion & tomato, sautéed in a ginger, garlic & cashew nut paste & yoghurt, seasoned with exotic herbs
Vegetable Kurukku  £3.95
mixed vegetables curry made of beans, carrots, cauliflower, potato, & simmered in a sauce of garlic, ginger, cashew nut & fennel seeds
Carrot & Beans Thoran  £4.95
shredded carrot & beans, sautéed with mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves & grated coconut
Mushroom Thoran  £4.95
mushroom slices sauteed with mustard seeds, onions, curry leaves & grated coconut
Kadala Kootan £3.95
chickpeas cooked in onion, chilli & garam masala, flavoured with freshly chopped coriander leaves
Beetroot & Green Peas Thoran  £3.95
finely chopped beetroot & green peas stir fried with onion, coconut, cumin seeds, & garlic, tempered with black mustard seeds
Saag Aloo £4.95
finely chopped spinach & potato cooked with ginger, garlic & green chilli, spiced with turmeric & coriander powder
Saag Paneer £4.95
spinach & homemade cottage cheese sautéed in butter with cashew nut paste & yoghurt, green chilli & ginger
Paneer Butter Masala £4.95
freshly made cottage cheese cooked in a sauce of tomato & onion, cashew nut paste & yoghurt, finished with fenugreek leaves & butter
Cheera & Coconut (spinach & coconut) £4.95
freshly diced spinach, stir fried with coconut, finished with mustard seed & garlic
Kadal Thoran    £4.95
black chick peas stir fried with onions, fresh coconut, tempered with mustard seeds, flavoured with chilli, turmeric, crushed garlic & curry leaves


Basmati Rice £2.50
Lemon Rice    £2.95
Coconut Rice     £2.95
Pilau Rice    £2.95
Vegetable Fried Rice      £3.95
Egg Fried Rice    £3.95
Mushroom Fried Rice    £3.95
Spinach Rice      £3.95
Kerala Fried Rice      £4.95


rice cooked in special sauce made of coriander, mint leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, bay leaves, & maize, served with raitha

Vegetable Biryani     £6.95
Lamb Biryani       £8.95
Chicken Biryani      £8.95
Prawn Biryani      £9.95
Fish Biryani      £9.95



Kerala Paratha     £2.95
Chapati                                      £2.95
Chilli Paratha         £3.95
Garlic Paratha       £3.95
Sweet Coconut Paratha       £3.95
Keema Paratha       £3.95
Appam         £3.95
Poori         £3.95



Fresh Salad   £3.00
fresh vegetable salad, green chillies, onions, & lemon in a tangy dressing
Raitha £3.00
cucumber, onion, tomato, ginger, green chilli, & coriander in a homemade yoghurt
Pappodam (each)         £0.35
Chutney & Pickle Tray         £2.50